To me, skincare is all about self-love. The more love and care you give your body, the happier and loved you will feel. Remember, you only accept the love you think you deserve; oftentimes, how much love we think we deserve is reflected on how much care we are willing to put on our selves. 

As a pharma-student, it’s hard to find the time to take care of your body and health. but think of self-care as a full-time job. A full-time satisfying job. I love taking care of my skin. As soon as I get home – off the makeup goes, and these are the products I live by:

I use this gentle coconut cleansing water first. It is really gentle to the skin, but I find it alone doesn’t remove all the makeup. Or maybe it does, and I am just too lazy to use it properly. All I do it wet a cotton pad and trace my skin softly with the water.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.46

Once the skin is somewhat makeup-free, I do one of two things: either I just wash it with this cleansing balm and call it a day

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.30

or I would use this coconut facescrub and call it a day

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.24.35

or I would use my Clarisonic with a facewash and deep clean with that

FORM0003F_1   Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.30.55

Regardless of the way, I make sure to follow that cleansing ritual with a facemask. Lately due to my overdose of makeup and heavier foundation routine (which is totally unnecessary btw) I find myself reaching for my charcoal purifying mask to deep clean my pores and prevent acne – to which is a successful battle if I manage to religiously follow my skincare routine – a true pharma-student knows how hard that is.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.24.24

Once clean, I tone my face. A quick tip, if before toning you feel your faces super dry and stiff the products you are using on your face are too harsh for you. You should change into softer products.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.53

I have yet to find my perfect night-time face cream. Currently, I am trying out this avocado cream from Antipodes. I don’t have any complaints yet, but it’s not like I love it either.. it’s just… there.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.23

For the really terrible days. The days where I am super tired and literally couldn’t be bothered… I make sure to keep an “I.C.E ONLY” makeup wipes by my bed so that I can always reach my side and literally have no excuse to sleep with makeup. Especially lately, since I have gotten into the habit of wearing heavier makeup than usual.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.39

And there you go! Skincare products I can’t live without. I feel like lately coconut has become my signature scent, and I could not be any more obsessed!

Ps: Click on the image for a direct link to the products. You’re welcome babe 😉
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨



How To Survive Konte Uke (Norwegian Retake Week)

It is so common to have to retake a class in pharmacy school that I don’t know a single person that hasn’t retaken one during their first year of pharmacy school. I would even go as far as saying that pharmacy school is the single hardest study in the entire world. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve said it. Prove me wrong if you’d like.
Konte Uke or ‘retake week’ are the two first weeks in august where students that have failed a class have to retake that class. In Norway, when studying pharmacy you need to have all the classes from the previous year approved to pass to the next year. If you by any chance happen to fail a class, you are forced to repeat the year until you pass that class. The total amount of times you are allowed to take an exam in a particular subject is three times. If by your third time you did not make the class you get kicked out of pharmacy school. Brutal I know.
It is essential to pass your classes the first time around. If you are lucky, generally you only have one exam to retake. Some people, like me, are extremely unlucky and have to retake several classes at once. To me – that is the definition of hell. Honestly, that was a low point in my academical career, and I was almost certain I was going to get kicked out of pharma-school. Luckily I MADE IT! and not only did I pass, but I also passed with decent marks.

Passing two exams was extremely stressful, but these are my tips on how to make it:

Say NO to work

I know. We all need a part-time job to make it. Summer is the golden time for students to work. But as soon as you find out that you have failed a class, apply for vacation and use that time to study.
I was going to backpack the south of Spain for two weeks before my school start so I had applied for a two weeks vacation. Sadly I ended up failing two of my classes, but having those two weeks to only focus on my school work was a gift sent from heaven.

Find a study partner

Even if you are studying for different subjects, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you have someone to cry with and rely on. I spent a lot of those two weeks going from “I got this” to “for fuck sakes I will never make it”. I was blessed I had friends to support me, keep me motivated and encouraged me to continue even tho the odds were against me.

Find a study space

P50-G414 was my house! Quite literally. The school was empty, my friends and I were pretty much the only ones there.. so we ended up leaving out stuff in that room and made a routine to always meet there for some heavy study time. when I pass that room I get so many flashbacks. Both good and bad, but I’m still happy it happened that way.

Cook two-weeks worth of food

Or ask your mother to do so for you as I did. My mum is a key feature of my passing. The first week I was eating pure junk. Take-away every single day. That was not keeping my mental health good. When you eat a lot of junk you tend to feel bad too, so make sure you put a little effort into eating healthy and balanced.


Stress is going to want to take over, but don’t let it. Have some breathing time. Take a nap. Shed a tear or two. Whatever it takes, but don’t give up and don’t give in. If I did it, anyone can.


Good luck!
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

STUDYTIPS #3: How I Use OneNote To Take Notes

First things first: Create a book for that class

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 18.26.01

This is an obvious step. Some people like writing the name of the class (exam. organic chemistry) I prefer writing the code of the class as sometimes they have a long name ( FARMA2220 for Pharmacology and Physiology 1).

Organise your book according to subject

For this particular class, I am having right now, there are three books I have to get through. So I decided to divide the notes based on book and class notes.
On top of the three books, this class is divided into five themes that cover different chapters. So far I am done with one theme, and will start my second next week. I like classifying my notes in themes too:



Use OneNote wisely to take notes

When in class, add the lecturers’ pdf file for more effective note writing, and always remember to record your class. OneNote conveniently has a button made just for this.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 19.35.36

When taking notes from your textbook, make sure you highlight and add important figures to illustrate your point:

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 19.38.16


Taking notes is a personal thing, you need to try many different methods to find the right one for you. This is the methods that work best for me.

Good luck!
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨


STUDYTIPS #1: My Three Steps Note Taking Process

Step one: From textbook to laptop

Use my highlighting technique (coming soon) to make the important sentences from the book stand out, and write this down on your laptop.

grayscale photo of computer laptop near white notebook and ceramic mug on table
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I like using OneNote for note-taking. Take notes on a laptop is crucial for this step because it allows you to write a lot of information fast, and as a pharmacy student, there is a lot of text to cover in six weeks. You do not have time to waste handwriting pretty notes. Instead, write all everything you feel is relevant to your OneNote.

Step two: from laptop to notebook

Once the important things are picked out from your book, it’s time to make sense to all the information on OneNote.

people coffee meeting team
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Preferably print all your digital notes into paper, arrange them into a folder and take handwritten notes from your laptop notes. It may sound silly, but when handwriting notes, try to “dummy” down all the info on your laptop for better understanding of the subject. Imagine you are explaining the notes to a five-year-old. This gives you the ability to reformulate the book in such a way you are forced to understand.


Step three: From notebook to flashcards

Once you have “dummied” down your notes, you should be more familiar with the subject. Use both your laptop notes and notebook notes to make flashcards you can use to further lever up academically.

blank cards composition data
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Use flashcards to write difficult and/or fancy words to describe the terms you have dummied down on your textbook. This way you will have several ways to explain a subject and have a greater ability to understand it too.
This is a very time-consuming way of studying, but it’s the best technique to retain information over a long time. Cramming two weeks before an exam is a no go in pharmacy world, with this system you need to learn your subject from the beginning. Set out enough time to study during a day, and spend your time studying wisely. No point in reading the same sentence over and over and not understanding the key points. Train yourself to find key-points in a text. Saves you lots of time.
Good luck!
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

Three-Step Last Minute Weekend-Trip Tips

**Fun fact, writing this blog post made me accidentally book a weekend trip to Stockholm. 

The beautiful thing about the EU is that everything is so close to each other, and if you have an EU passport, you don’t really need a visa. All you’d need is a plane ticket. Traveling is how I ease out my stress.  Being a pharmacy student is a no joke, and sometimes I feel trapped in my own country. So I travel.

I love getting lost in a city or two with complete strangers, and this is how to plan your next last-minute weekend-trip:

  1. Check your calendar, how much time do you really have?

More often than not I hear people saying “I wish I traveled more, I just don’t have the time or money to do so. I used to think like that myself, until one day I realized it wasn’t really true. The reason why I never traveled is that I never made the time for it and spent my money doing other things.

Traveling is super cheap and easy to do in the EU, as long as you are doing it the right way. All you truly need are three days to explore another city – in other words.. all you need is a weekend off.

On my trip to Tallinn, I was gone for 4 days.
For Berlin, I was gone for only three days,
and now I am going to Stockholm for only two days.

Finding time to travel is easy when you want to travel.


  1. Check for planes/buses/trains

Personally, I find the most expensive part of traveling is getting to the other side. It is time-consuming af.  For the love of God we have figured out how to travel to the moon, but we can’t seem to get it together when it comes to teletransportation?  Really science? Really?

My travel essential sites:
◾️ Momondo
◾️ Norwegian
◾️ Omio

When it comes to booking flights, Momondo is the best. They have a way of showing you the cheapest flights in the area you are looking for. Later on, I will write a post about the whole process of picking where to go, because I truly am I, the most random person, when it comes to traveling.

On my everyday life, I use my Norwegian credit card for everything, something that gives me travel points, that I can later use to buy a plane ticket. That, and because Norwegian is awesome, I would preferably travel with this airline.

Lastly, there is Omio, tho I usually just use it to double check that I am taking the cheapest route somewhere, Omio is awesome because it lets you compare the prices of the available trains, buses, and planes you can take.

For instance when going to Stockholm next week I will be flying there (didn’t cost me anything because I used my travel points from Norwegian) and I will be taking the bus back (thanks to Omio, I figured it was the cheapest route) All in all, my transport expenses for this trip costed me 355 nok.

  1. Check for accommodations

I am a hostel kinda girl. Not only it’s cheap, but you get to meet a lot of awesome people on your stay. My favorite (and only) site I use for this is In fact, I have used this site so much I am now a proud Genious member and get extra discounts on my stays.  Choosing hostels is an art though. I love hostels but not all hostels are worth it. It is important to read as many reviews and to not let yourself get fooled by the pretty pictures.

In Stockholm, I will be staying at Generator Stockholm and for two nights I paid 987 nok. Rounding my whole trip to 1160 nok.  

Not bad for a high season, last minute trip.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨






Develop A Morning Routine…

STEP 1: Stretch.
woman sleeping
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Turn to your side, after hitting that snooze button, as you battle your stay in dreamland or reality.. but a pillow in between your legs and start your day with being thankful. We all believe in something.. what ever it is that you believe in right now.. baby girl thank it. This morning I’ve thanked God. Thanked him for giving me another day and for making me lazy enough to use my snooze time to talk to him.. and for the love of everything good thanked him for coffee.. which brings us to…

STEP 2: Coffee.

Remember how your mother taught you to prepare everything the night before?

vintage moka espresso coffee pot maker
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This is the time of the day you silently thank her. You crawl your way to the coffee machine, half-sedated in sleep, and push the magic button as you watch the magic brew. This is a ritual you follow every morning as you declare your love for coffee. Every. Morning.

STEP 3: Buffering

I know you are only on your first cup.. but my love you need to get your day started. Take that cup of magic to the toilet with you, and let us find out what it is we are working with today.

woman holding mirror against her head in the middle of forest
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Terrible right? The reflection of your messed up hair, and very swollen face – this is the time my dear to take a cold shower. Yes. COLD. Trust me…. you need all the help you can get, because coffee alone is not enough.

STEP 4: Freshen up.

Awake now? no? Maybe get that second cup of coffee in first.

adult beautiful body coffee
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But by now you should be cold… Clean… Why don’t you make a run for it to the bed and get warmed up in there? Sure… You’re naked… but you usually sleep naked, and that bed-warmer your mum got you ages ago is still there… Waiting… Take some time to go through social media.. what did you miss? Should we read the news? Naaahhhh no need to bitter your day like that.. instead look for a killer playlist and get in the mood for the day.

STEP 5: Dance.

Can’t stay in bed all day. Get out. I know it sucks, but you know getting out and getting dressed takes 0.2 seconds. Ok. That’s a lie… but still… you can lie to yourself like this sometimes in the morning.

turned on silver macbook on white bed
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Just wear your regular outfit.. oversized sweater and jeans.. or maybe you’ll feel like dressing up today? No. You’re right. We don’t have time to be uncomfortable. Instead, put on an outfit that is you and let’s do something about that bird’s nest on our head.

STEP 6: Makeup.

Or more like “step-take-forever”. Put your hair straightener to heat up first. Thank me later. While that is happening.. brush your teeth. Coffee will be disgusting after but that’s Ok. Do it. When that is out of the way take your time. Moisturise. Enjoy the imperfections. Dance a little.. and little by little put on your face for the day. More on that routine later.

adolescence attractive beautiful blur
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STEP 7: Hair.

Okai soldier time is running out.. give your hair some volume by slightly twisting the straightener as you pass it through.. My love the beauty of short hair is to have it wild and free. Don’t obsess too much, but put a curl here and there. You will be fine.

person standing beside green leaf plants
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STEP 8: run out.

Time is running out. Chugg the remaining of your.. what is this.. fifth cup? and make a run for it. No.. There is no time for breakfast. Put on your shoes and go.

woman walking on road
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Go take the world by surprise.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨


Sometimes, I get carried away. I forget the things that matter to me, and I neglect things I shouldn’t. School, for instance, is one of these things. I love pharmacy, but sometimes it can get a little too much. A little too much reading, a little too much studying, a little too much stress.

So here are my five study tips.

Step 1: Know the work
young woman thinking with pen while working studying at her desk
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Make sure you know what it is they expect from you in the exam. Read your syllabus properly and ask if there is anything you are unsure off before you start studying. Knowing what you are supposed to know is important, as you don’t wanna be wasting the time you generally don’t have.

Step 2: Do the work
woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer
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Trust me, it sucks. I don’t enjoy sitting on my ass eight hours a day to read a book that might as well have been written in Hebrew. But you have to do it. Make sure to do a minimum of four hours of study per day, but optimally keep it between five to eight hours a day.

Step 3: Make flashcards
red heart drawed white printer paper on pink surface
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whether it is by paper or by using Quizlet flashcards are super useful. Not only for memorizing terms, but also for keeping with you for when you are on the go. I work every weekend, so studying is difficult for me. I am not allowed to read my books at work, but when the store gets quiet. I try to get through a couple of flashcards and memorize some terms.

Step 4: make "mock exams questions"
person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook
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when reading your textbook have a separate page where you can ask yourself typical questions a professor would ask if he asked a question from this particular chapter. This way you can test yourself on the important stuff of each chapter, and you have exercises to do a couple of weeks before the exams.

Step 5: Breathe
photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs
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Life is difficult as it is. Take some time off. Go workout and breathe. It’s going to be okay. And stress is our number one enemy.

Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

Be That Woman…

Be the woman who can be alone.


click on the image for photographers instagram.


The kind that is so comfortable with her lonely,  it takes a great man to question whether or not she should leave that behind.

Hold on to your friends.
Be dependent and independent all at once.
Figure out what makes your heart race, and my love, go for it.
Chase it with all you have, because those are the moments we live for.

Learn to stand on your own. Like a child learning to walk.
Get up
Fall again
Just so you can learn to get back up.


click on the image for photographers Instagram.


My darling
Never be afraid of falling.
Whether it is in love or in life,
Be brave…
Only the brave inspire the world.
Mark history.

Don’t let men treat you like toys,
Or a question,
Or THE answer.


click on the image for the photographers instragram. 


Don’t let yourself be defined by a man,
By anyone actually.

Don’t be afraid to get hurt.
Turn your pain into art,
Or lessons,
Or both.

Or nothing.
Do nothing.
Do all of these, or do nothing.
That too
Is ok.


click on the image for the photographers Instagram. 


Whatever it is you do decide to do,
Make sure you did it to make yourself happy at some point.
People forget that sometimes.
To be happy.
Never forget that.

Be happy love…
As much and as often as you can.


What’s In My Travel Backpack

Six hours to go, and you my dear, you just finished packing your backpack and this is what’s in it:

BF43D868-99DA-44B9-BF5A-36ED731E0AC1Headphones. Enough said. A water bottle. Got to stay hydrated. My passport. It’s safer with me than in my hostel room. DO. NOT. LEAVE. YOUR. PASSPORT. UNATTENDED. A selfie-stick. Why? … I am not sure, I have never used it tbh.. but I always carry it with me. My glasses. Yes, I can’t see from afar. No, I will not wear my glasses all the time. Yes, I will only pull them out if its life and death and I need to see it coming after me. My Polaroid camera. I have expensive hobbies. A pencil case. Filled with a lot more than pencils. See below.

9F84BC7D-5BF4-4496-84BF-1BA3BEECE3B8    A power bank. I totally stuck “LOVE” stickers to it and I am not ashamed to admit it. A backup power bank. can never be too safe right. Backup Film pack. You never know what inspires you that day. Three chargers and adaptors. One for each power bank and one for my phone. If I found a port with several holes I am using all of them. a highlighter. For my school textbooks (yes I study on the run). Two pens. Honestly.. one of them writes well the other just looks pretty.


5756D3FA-C6EE-4395-9F29-D057CC43052A EMERGENCY AID MINI BAG. Tampons. you never know what might surprise you.  Painkillers. four ibux and four paracet. Bandaids. four of each size. waterproof bandaid. You can never be too sure. Drops for a sore throat. I like being prepared for anything.




And that’s it!


Not much for a day of adventure is it?
Have fun. Stay curious.

What I Learned From My First Stay At A Hostel – ASoloTravel

Worth it. Forget everything you think will happen, leave your expectations at home. Your fears of something going wrong. Your doubt. My love, the best thing you ever did for yourself was stay at a hostel.

The staff was friendly, the people were nice and because you were brave and fearless you made a friend for life. It’s not random tales. It’s not something people just say to keep you ‘hyped’ on travelling. It’s reality. On your first night, you stayed up until 3AM talking about the wonders of the world, who you were, who you wanted to be and how it was all possible. That night, between the two of you, you solved mysteries you’ve been pondering on for so long over beers and snacks.


Enjoy your stay here. Not everyone snores. Not everyone is loud, and yes the place is probably cleaner than your home.  Feel comfortable. Feel at home. This experience is what you make of it.

Don’t think you need to keep a tight grip on everything you own. People usually don’t steal despite the internets belief. I mean when you leave the building – sure keep things tidy and place everything in your locker. Not because someone will steal anything, but rather for respect for others. Don’t leave the place messy, clean up after yourself.

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 01.19.46

There are some items that are a dead necessity: 
– Sandals 
– Padlock 
– Earplugs 
– Sleepmask

This are the four items you can not forget when staying at a hostel.
My next trip is in less than a week so I’ll be writing a Whats In My Travel Bag post soon.

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 01.19.36

Have fun. Stay curious.
Tia ✨