Mornings Like This

On an early sunday morning,
while waltzing to the sounds of birds and coffee brewing
Illuminated by nothing but the break of dawn
he leans into you and whispers
“I dont make a habit of dancing with princesses,
But i promise to make you queen of the dance.”

and so you smile.
That was the moment you realised
love was not about giving away all you had.
Love was about growing to be a better version of yourself.

He could hold your waist,
or stare deep into your eyes.
But the steps
those steps were all you.

woman standing by one foot and holding flare stick near trees
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A Much Needed Traveling Break

I am sick again. A fever.
Always between 39-40C°

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The not-so-glamerous behind the scene of a serial traveller.

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Seeing the world for what it is is amazing and all, but health comes first.

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Silver linning:
I get to catch up on writing,
Catch up on school work,
Catch up on health detox,
And most importantly recharge.
Recharge for my next adventure.

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I’ll be back.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨