My Iced Coffee Recipe!

When I tell people I like my coffee cold in the mornings, I am sure to get funny looks. I have never been much of a warm drinker mainly because my tongue would easily get burned. So I started drinking ice-coffee even in the wintertime and this is how I make it:

Make some strong black coffee or use an espresso shot (or two)

If you have a fancy coffee maskin use it. Depending on your taste in coffee, I would recommend two espresso shots and one cup of ice-cold water.
I only have this regular OBH coffee maker. It is nothing grand, but definitely the love of my life, and the driving force behind my studies. The coffee I make is this one by Ali.

Pro tip: make your coffee the night before, and have in the refrigerator to speed up the process. 

Add ice cubes to the mix

Prepare your glass by adding some ice cubes. This is a must if you are making the iced coffee from boiling hot coffee or from espresso shots.

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Take a cup of the hot coffee, and mix it with equal parts of ice-cold water

I like using this cup to measure my coffee:

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Personally, I like adding equal parts coffee and water. Not gonna lie, on long days, I would add a little more coffee than water. The more water you add, the less stronger the coffee taste. I like my coffee strong and dark for the most part.

and voila! A perfectly cold coffee for you to enjoy in the morning.

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If you try the recipe, let me know. I am curious to know if others like this kind of coffee. I am a terrible cook, but this is the year for me to try and learn different recipes and I am taking you guys along the way. Be on the lookout for more recipes to come!

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Ps: this is a great recipe to bring along with you to work or school. I like using this thermos to keep my drink hot or cold during the day. I bring around with me the large thermos. I believe it is able to carry 1.5L which is the perfect about to sip on for a day of heavy classes.

Until next time,
Take care ✨
With love, Tia.

Develop A Morning Routine…

STEP 1: Stretch.
woman sleeping
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Turn to your side, after hitting that snooze button, as you battle your stay in dreamland or reality.. but a pillow in between your legs and start your day with being thankful. We all believe in something.. what ever it is that you believe in right now.. baby girl thank it. This morning I’ve thanked God. Thanked him for giving me another day and for making me lazy enough to use my snooze time to talk to him.. and for the love of everything good thanked him for coffee.. which brings us to…

STEP 2: Coffee.

Remember how your mother taught you to prepare everything the night before?

vintage moka espresso coffee pot maker
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This is the time of the day you silently thank her. You crawl your way to the coffee machine, half-sedated in sleep, and push the magic button as you watch the magic brew. This is a ritual you follow every morning as you declare your love for coffee. Every. Morning.

STEP 3: Buffering

I know you are only on your first cup.. but my love you need to get your day started. Take that cup of magic to the toilet with you, and let us find out what it is we are working with today.

woman holding mirror against her head in the middle of forest
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Terrible right? The reflection of your messed up hair, and very swollen face – this is the time my dear to take a cold shower. Yes. COLD. Trust me…. you need all the help you can get, because coffee alone is not enough.

STEP 4: Freshen up.

Awake now? no? Maybe get that second cup of coffee in first.

adult beautiful body coffee
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But by now you should be cold… Clean… Why don’t you make a run for it to the bed and get warmed up in there? Sure… You’re naked… but you usually sleep naked, and that bed-warmer your mum got you ages ago is still there… Waiting… Take some time to go through social media.. what did you miss? Should we read the news? Naaahhhh no need to bitter your day like that.. instead look for a killer playlist and get in the mood for the day.

STEP 5: Dance.

Can’t stay in bed all day. Get out. I know it sucks, but you know getting out and getting dressed takes 0.2 seconds. Ok. That’s a lie… but still… you can lie to yourself like this sometimes in the morning.

turned on silver macbook on white bed
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Just wear your regular outfit.. oversized sweater and jeans.. or maybe you’ll feel like dressing up today? No. You’re right. We don’t have time to be uncomfortable. Instead, put on an outfit that is you and let’s do something about that bird’s nest on our head.

STEP 6: Makeup.

Or more like “step-take-forever”. Put your hair straightener to heat up first. Thank me later. While that is happening.. brush your teeth. Coffee will be disgusting after but that’s Ok. Do it. When that is out of the way take your time. Moisturise. Enjoy the imperfections. Dance a little.. and little by little put on your face for the day. More on that routine later.

adolescence attractive beautiful blur
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STEP 7: Hair.

Okai soldier time is running out.. give your hair some volume by slightly twisting the straightener as you pass it through.. My love the beauty of short hair is to have it wild and free. Don’t obsess too much, but put a curl here and there. You will be fine.

person standing beside green leaf plants
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STEP 8: run out.

Time is running out. Chugg the remaining of your.. what is this.. fifth cup? and make a run for it. No.. There is no time for breakfast. Put on your shoes and go.

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Go take the world by surprise.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

Mornings Like This

On an early sunday morning,
while waltzing to the sounds of birds and coffee brewing
Illuminated by nothing but the break of dawn
he leans into you and whispers
“I dont make a habit of dancing with princesses,
But i promise to make you queen of the dance.”

and so you smile.
That was the moment you realised
love was not about giving away all you had.
Love was about growing to be a better version of yourself.

He could hold your waist,
or stare deep into your eyes.
But the steps
those steps were all you.

woman standing by one foot and holding flare stick near trees
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The most perfect Sunday morning

Wake up to the sound of your alarm calling, and know you can peacefully turn it off and go back to sleep.

Sleep with the window open and the curtains wide. Today you are going to be woken by the natural rays of sunlight whispering promises of peace.

Let the first thing you do be to stretch. Allow your muscle to elongate and your breath to deepen. It’s only fair after a well rested night.

Debate whether you want to get up and get coffee, we both know harsh desition making this early in the morning may disturb the peace, but at the same time, your brain and blood desire it’s elixir first thing in the mornings.

Decided against it. Denying yourself immediate release just makes the pleasure of the first sip that much more greater.

Instead, you lay in bed with your eyes open and listen to the world lay still, or move, at this moment you are so synchronised with the world that you no longer know who is moving and who is still.

Allow yourself to cuddle with your pets. After all, having two cats is as demanding as your beauty ritual before a night out.

Smile at yourself and for no reason. Mornings like this are nothing without a smile. In fact make this your daily morning routine, before you get up, smile at life. After all, there is no reason not to.

Put on your socks and make your way to the bathroom. Your beauty regimen requires you to drink one gallon of water each night before bed and to let out a gallon of toxin when you wake up.

Make your way to the washroom and allow yourself to wash off last night’s nightmares and brush into yourself the taste of beginning. The taste of new. Because no day starts with bad breath.

Allow your hair to remain messy, this morning is all about you.

Make yourself some coffee and take your first sips staring out the window and enjoy the movement. Now you’ve realised it’s the world moving, not you. The loss of perfect synchronisation may have left you yearning, but it’s okay, you enjoy the world like a memory sealed in a photograph – Always from the outside.

Now that your brain is alert, you are aware of this two beautiful balls of fur following you around and charming you into feeding them. This is exactly what you. Because why should you deny them the surge of energy you are feeling right now.

Now, pick up your book, bury yourself in it and disappear into a new world.

This world has entertained you enough.

It’s time to see what others can do.