When All You Knew Was The Rain

I don’t know when I first fell in love with him.
From spring to summer,
Summer to autumn
Autumn to winter
Do you know the exact day the season changes?

They say when a relationship ends love stops.

Tell me,
Do the seasons stop changing
when you move from Mexico to the arctic?
Or do you simply learn to enjoy the snow,
when all you knew was rain.


Paint me

He once asked me what it felt like to write poetry.
He wondered how someone so cold and distant
had the ability to make others feel so deeply.

I don’t know.
I guess that’s what I do.

Love? He asked

I disguise pain with pretty words
And fear with bravery.
I paint an alternative universe.
A more perfect one.

Paint me he pleaded.
Paint me into your universe,
with your beautiful words.

I can’t. 
My canvas already
belong to someone else.

For how long?

Lead The Revolution

Show me your heart he demanded.
A habit he had, 
He always demanded too much. 
Love, kindness
To not use the word “sure” as a response 
To shrink. 

Love me he demanded.
Be soft. Smile.
So the next time the palm of his hands
traces your cheeks it will be to caress this time. 

Fear me he demanded. 
Do not look straight at the lion’s eyes. 
So the next time his hands are around your neck
it would be so he could get a better grip,
tilt your head back
and kiss that sweet spot right under your collarbone.

But you come from a generation of women
whose blood burn bright like fire 
and bones strong like steel.
They ran wild with the wolfs.
Can’t you see?
It is in your nature to lead the revolution
My love
He is not the one tying you down 
You are.

Be That Woman…

Be the woman who can be alone.


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The kind that is so comfortable with her lonely,  it takes a great man to question whether or not she should leave that behind.

Hold on to your friends.
Be dependent and independent all at once.
Figure out what makes your heart race, and my love, go for it.
Chase it with all you have, because those are the moments we live for.

Learn to stand on your own. Like a child learning to walk.
Get up
Fall again
Just so you can learn to get back up.


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My darling
Never be afraid of falling.
Whether it is in love or in life,
Be brave…
Only the brave inspire the world.
Mark history.

Don’t let men treat you like toys,
Or a question,
Or THE answer.


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Don’t let yourself be defined by a man,
By anyone actually.

Don’t be afraid to get hurt.
Turn your pain into art,
Or lessons,
Or both.

Or nothing.
Do nothing.
Do all of these, or do nothing.
That too
Is ok.


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Whatever it is you do decide to do,
Make sure you did it to make yourself happy at some point.
People forget that sometimes.
To be happy.
Never forget that.

Be happy love…
As much and as often as you can.