Easter Vibes

A holiday that once meant purity and prayers.
Today I have learned contrariwise.

When you enter a club, at eleven post meridiem, you can learn very much.
You feel the comfort of people
between the sweaty bodies, the smell of cigar and alcohol.

Is your heart broken?
It doesn’t matter anymore.
All that matters is the sweat rolling from your naked back,
making a trail down your waist.

Tonight you are wearing a titillating dress.
Your mother doesn’t like that kind of dress.

Have you ever felt what it is like to run out of breath?
The few seconds the times stops and you wonder if you are finally part of it.
Part of the everything and nothingness that the world has to offer.

Letting the sound of music guide you in waves.
In this moment it doesn’t matter how you look.
You feel like a dancer.
And this dancefloor is your stage,
and the spotlight is on you.

Forget your thoughts.
Right now you don’t need them.
All you need is the rhythm radiating through you,
and this handsome stranger approching you.

Let him hold your waist and pull you close,
right now,
your bodies moving to the symphony of the beat
for a moment you forget
all about
or even that you are dancing with this handsome guy,
for a moment you become whole.

With the universe.
With the world.
Right now, you are the air, the mere essence of life.
You are the stars. There is no sky without you.

Let the night take you away.
you are no longer that naive little girl.

In this moment, you have learned so much.

You get so much comfort
between the sweaty bodies, the smell of cigars and alcohol.

Is your heart broken?
Now you know better.
It was never broken.
They can’t break you.
Only you can.


You are untouchable.

So dance some more.
Let the sweat roll from your naked back,
and down your waist.

Tonight you are wearing a titillating dress.
Your mother doesn’t like that kind of dress.

Loose your breath to the sound of music,
your thoughts are no longer the same.
All you need is the music radiating through you
and now
the handsome stranger is gone.

You no longer let him hold your waist
because you can hold yourself.

Rightnow you are bare.

But strong,
and invincible.

Right this moment.
You know better.

You became whole.
With the universe.
With the world.

Right now,
you are air,
the mere essence of

You are the stars.

The is no sky without you.

The most perfect Sunday morning

Wake up to the sound of your alarm calling, and know you can peacefully turn it off and go back to sleep.

Sleep with the window open and the curtains wide. Today you are going to be woken by the natural rays of sunlight whispering promises of peace.

Let the first thing you do be to stretch. Allow your muscle to elongate and your breath to deepen. It’s only fair after a well rested night.

Debate whether you want to get up and get coffee, we both know harsh desition making this early in the morning may disturb the peace, but at the same time, your brain and blood desire it’s elixir first thing in the mornings.

Decided against it. Denying yourself immediate release just makes the pleasure of the first sip that much more greater.

Instead, you lay in bed with your eyes open and listen to the world lay still, or move, at this moment you are so synchronised with the world that you no longer know who is moving and who is still.

Allow yourself to cuddle with your pets. After all, having two cats is as demanding as your beauty ritual before a night out.

Smile at yourself and for no reason. Mornings like this are nothing without a smile. In fact make this your daily morning routine, before you get up, smile at life. After all, there is no reason not to.

Put on your socks and make your way to the bathroom. Your beauty regimen requires you to drink one gallon of water each night before bed and to let out a gallon of toxin when you wake up.

Make your way to the washroom and allow yourself to wash off last night’s nightmares and brush into yourself the taste of beginning. The taste of new. Because no day starts with bad breath.

Allow your hair to remain messy, this morning is all about you.

Make yourself some coffee and take your first sips staring out the window and enjoy the movement. Now you’ve realised it’s the world moving, not you. The loss of perfect synchronisation may have left you yearning, but it’s okay, you enjoy the world like a memory sealed in a photograph – Always from the outside.

Now that your brain is alert, you are aware of this two beautiful balls of fur following you around and charming you into feeding them. This is exactly what you. Because why should you deny them the surge of energy you are feeling right now.

Now, pick up your book, bury yourself in it and disappear into a new world.

This world has entertained you enough.

It’s time to see what others can do.