Three-Step Last Minute Weekend-Trip Tips

**Fun fact, writing this blog post made me accidentally book a weekend trip to Stockholm. 

The beautiful thing about the EU is that everything is so close to each other, and if you have an EU passport, you don’t really need a visa. All you’d need is a plane ticket. Traveling is how I ease out my stress.  Being a pharmacy student is a no joke, and sometimes I feel trapped in my own country. So I travel.

I love getting lost in a city or two with complete strangers, and this is how to plan your next last-minute weekend-trip:

  1. Check your calendar, how much time do you really have?

More often than not I hear people saying “I wish I traveled more, I just don’t have the time or money to do so. I used to think like that myself, until one day I realized it wasn’t really true. The reason why I never traveled is that I never made the time for it and spent my money doing other things.

Traveling is super cheap and easy to do in the EU, as long as you are doing it the right way. All you truly need are three days to explore another city – in other words.. all you need is a weekend off.

On my trip to Tallinn, I was gone for 4 days.
For Berlin, I was gone for only three days,
and now I am going to Stockholm for only two days.

Finding time to travel is easy when you want to travel.


  1. Check for planes/buses/trains

Personally, I find the most expensive part of traveling is getting to the other side. It is time-consuming af.  For the love of God we have figured out how to travel to the moon, but we can’t seem to get it together when it comes to teletransportation?  Really science? Really?

My travel essential sites:
◾️ Momondo
◾️ Norwegian
◾️ Omio

When it comes to booking flights, Momondo is the best. They have a way of showing you the cheapest flights in the area you are looking for. Later on, I will write a post about the whole process of picking where to go, because I truly am I, the most random person, when it comes to traveling.

On my everyday life, I use my Norwegian credit card for everything, something that gives me travel points, that I can later use to buy a plane ticket. That, and because Norwegian is awesome, I would preferably travel with this airline.

Lastly, there is Omio, tho I usually just use it to double check that I am taking the cheapest route somewhere, Omio is awesome because it lets you compare the prices of the available trains, buses, and planes you can take.

For instance when going to Stockholm next week I will be flying there (didn’t cost me anything because I used my travel points from Norwegian) and I will be taking the bus back (thanks to Omio, I figured it was the cheapest route) All in all, my transport expenses for this trip costed me 355 nok.

  1. Check for accommodations

I am a hostel kinda girl. Not only it’s cheap, but you get to meet a lot of awesome people on your stay. My favorite (and only) site I use for this is In fact, I have used this site so much I am now a proud Genious member and get extra discounts on my stays.  Choosing hostels is an art though. I love hostels but not all hostels are worth it. It is important to read as many reviews and to not let yourself get fooled by the pretty pictures.

In Stockholm, I will be staying at Generator Stockholm and for two nights I paid 987 nok. Rounding my whole trip to 1160 nok.  

Not bad for a high season, last minute trip.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨






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