Self Love​ 101 – The Scent

It is no secret that behind every poet lies a river of emotions. Behind me, there is an eleven years long path where I have left pieces and bits of my heart to the point where there was nothing left in my chest.

Starting over is never easy. Rebuilding yourself from scratch is hard. I have come to learn that it is not the big picture that matters, but all the small things you can do to make yourself be you again.


Or perhaps changing your old one? Your sense of smell is a powerful thing. Sometimes scents can bring you right back to a moment or memory.
Recreating yourself often starts with the purchase of a new signature scent.
Smell like a new you, but still, be you.

I loved the smell of sweet. All my life I’ve had a variety of sweet vanilla perfumes. Some more expensive than others, but always vanilla.
(below my most signature vanilla scents)

The scent of vanilla being so engraved in my being, that once people smelled it, they could tell I was in the room.

After it all ended, I remember going shopping. I did this twice and both time I could simply not find a new scent. Something that screamed ‘new me’. To be honest it took me a while and for a couple of months, I didn’t even wear any perfume anymore.

One day I was doing grocery shopping at my local food store and I saw that they were advertising this new vegan line. I had just run out of shower gel, so I decided to buy the whole line. Shower gel, conditioner, and shampoo.

I have never felt a scent that is more me. This sweet and fruity scent, something I never thought I’d end up liking ended up being my signature scent. Obsessed with this new line I got all my friends to try it out. To this day, when they smell the bottles of coconut in the store, they always think me. Cause I have claimed the scent as mine.

81hR4sURY2L._SY355_ Sometimes loving oneself doesn’t have to be a big thing. Sometimes finding who you are simply means taking extra care of your body, your skin, and along the way finding a scent so you, people around you think of you when they smelled it.

When I was younger, I liked the smell of vanilla. A sweet innocent scent, now that I am older I still enjoy the sweet innocent scent of vanilla, but I have now added coconut into the mix. A nice little twist to life.

The shower gel and moisturizer in itself is enough for me, so usually I would skip perfume in the morning. For a night out I like a little more sultry smell. So I always venture for my favorite night-time scent that I always keep in my purse.


Black Opium has been my signature night-time smell ever since I was legal enough to have a night-time scent. I always loved the way it made me feel sexy and ready to dance the night away.

I guess what I am trying to say is that changing your scent, or getting a scent if you don’t have one from before is essential.  You will feel more powerful and a little sexier when you smell like a total temptress.

Whatever your style is sweetinnocent, strong, or fierce find it.. and wear it.
It makes a world of difference.

Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

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