Lead The Revolution

Show me your heart he demanded.
A habit he had, 
He always demanded too much. 
Love, kindness
To not use the word “sure” as a response 
To shrink. 

Love me he demanded.
Be soft. Smile.
So the next time the palm of his hands
traces your cheeks it will be to caress this time. 

Fear me he demanded. 
Do not look straight at the lion’s eyes. 
So the next time his hands are around your neck
it would be so he could get a better grip,
tilt your head back
and kiss that sweet spot right under your collarbone.

But you come from a generation of women
whose blood burn bright like fire 
and bones strong like steel.
They ran wild with the wolfs.
Can’t you see?
It is in your nature to lead the revolution
My love
He is not the one tying you down 
You are.

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