What’s In My Travel Backpack

Six hours to go, and you my dear, you just finished packing your backpack and this is what’s in it:

BF43D868-99DA-44B9-BF5A-36ED731E0AC1Headphones. Enough said. A water bottle. Got to stay hydrated. My passport. It’s safer with me than in my hostel room. DO. NOT. LEAVE. YOUR. PASSPORT. UNATTENDED. A selfie-stick. Why? … I am not sure, I have never used it tbh.. but I always carry it with me. My glasses. Yes, I can’t see from afar. No, I will not wear my glasses all the time. Yes, I will only pull them out if its life and death and I need to see it coming after me. My Polaroid camera. I have expensive hobbies. A pencil case. Filled with a lot more than pencils. See below.

9F84BC7D-5BF4-4496-84BF-1BA3BEECE3B8    A power bank. I totally stuck “LOVE” stickers to it and I am not ashamed to admit it. A backup power bank. can never be too safe right. Backup Film pack. You never know what inspires you that day. Three chargers and adaptors. One for each power bank and one for my phone. If I found a port with several holes I am using all of them. a highlighter. For my school textbooks (yes I study on the run). Two pens. Honestly.. one of them writes well the other just looks pretty.


5756D3FA-C6EE-4395-9F29-D057CC43052A EMERGENCY AID MINI BAG. Tampons. you never know what might surprise you.  Painkillers. four ibux and four paracet. Bandaids. four of each size. waterproof bandaid. You can never be too sure. Drops for a sore throat. I like being prepared for anything.




And that’s it!


Not much for a day of adventure is it?
Have fun. Stay curious.

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