My beautiful stormy sky..

And just like a wave,
sending messages from the ocean,
you have drifted back into my shore.

Tell me, who are you? Handsome one…

You with your blond hair and eyes so grey it reminds me of the stormy sky.
What are your intentions?
To calm my beach?
Or to thunder your way into my village and break everything in sight?

Are you the calmness of the sea?
or the danger of the storm?

What secrets do you hide?

Why with mentions of love and affection you drag yourself away..
as if the mere words terrified you?
Who broke you?
most importantly..
Can I end her?
I’d like to end it all for you.

All the torture.
All the pain.
All the scars.

Simply leave you at peace.
My beautiful stormy sky..


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