My muse or malignant tumor

Its funny how for you I have written more sad words
then to all the people who have hurt in my life combined.
I don’t know if to call you my sweet muse
or my malignant tumor.
To be honest they both feel the same.


The fear of a tsunami hitting without even having land in sight.
Its insane how much a person whom I’ve never met,
evoke so many emotions in me.


Does it say something about you?
Your ability to appear and disappear like a magician..
Able to be in two places at once..
My heart and the world.


Or does it say something about me?
Do I truly have the ability to love what is not there?
Is my fate truly to be hurt by the air and punched by the nothing?
Does suffering look that great on me that I carelessly allow it in?
And let it tear my insides out every. Time.



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