Sensuality. What does it mean to be sensual?

  1. the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.
    “he ate the grapes with surprising sensuality”
    synonyms: sexiness, sexual attractiveness, voluptuousness, sultriness, seductiveness, passion;More
    • the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.
      “life can dazzle with its sensuality, its colour”



Today I had a thought.

While observing all kinds of people coming in and out of my shop, I toyed with the idea of what makes a  person ‘sensual’.

My mind quickly came up with an image of a woman  with long hair, slightly curly – black. With light skin and rosy cheeks. A slim figure, and dressed crossing the line of innocence and sultriness.

At some point this woman walks in.

She was short.  Tan skin and lovely blue eyes. Not a drop of make up on her face, she was natural and walked with such grace you had to take a moment and stare. I remember her particular way of looking around with such childlike curiousity. It made me reconsider my original opinion.

This woman was every bit sensual, yet looked nothing like my fantasy.

This woman looked everything like my fantasy.

Sometimes, we picture something, but in reality – it’s much greater.

This woman was secure. Comfortable in her own skin.
It’s seems like her she walked into my shop not caring what anybody thought of her.

What is sensuality?

I can’t tell you for sure, but I will tell you that this woman is on to something.


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