Wine and Ex-boyfriends

There isn’t much charm to life if you think about it. So many people claim to have different meanings, but the way I see it, there is only one meaning to life: You get born, you live  how you chose to live and then you die.

Now what gives meaning to your life is what you choose to fill it with.

Last night, I got drunk. I drank A LOT of wine and fell in love with some characters in a gay movie. I trashed talked my ex, and my friend trash talked her ex. Come to think of it I find it amazing that we did all of this all the while fantasising about a better life with our crushes (and maybe those gay guys from the movie).

This are the little moments you think you don’t need, but somehow, this are the little moments you desperately are going to remember when you have more years behind you, than you have in front.

I don’t know where I am going at with this all I want to say is that, for any 22 years old out there that spend all their time working, or studying and that think they don’t need any girly night filled with alcohol and guy talk, trust me. You do. So get yourself a group of girlies and order some pizza and drink your heart out.

Wise Words From a 22 Year Old.

and in case you were wondering about the fantastic gay movie…


you’re welcome.


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