A letter to 23 years old me

What is the correct way to start the very first blogpost I wonder. A simple ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello’ seems wrong somehow.

Today is my last day as a 21 years old. Tomorrow will mark my 22nd year on this planet, and I can not find that anymore depressing. Had I had a daughter, I would have had no idea how to describe to her the past 22 years.

Like most people, I have done nothing to enrich my life. For the past 22 years I have done nothing other than to meet society’s expectations and read books for pleasure. I mean how sad is that? If I were to die tomorrow, I’d die with regrets. I have not lived to the potential I believe I have.

So here is a letter to the 23 years old me.

Dear Stubborn Wiser Me,

Have you been well? By now you should be well on your way to be done with your first semester as a pharmacy student, did you like it?  Is this finally it?

2017 was supposed to be your year, so you better have taken advantage of it. Being selfish is  sometimes okey. Remember that you can not save everybody. In fact, you can not save anyone if you are on a sinking ship. Being happy, is all that matters in life. Do more of the things that makes you happy, and if somethings is no longer making you happy, it’s okey to quit.

I know your anxiety is bad, but don’t let it stop you from doing the things you love. You are smart, and talented. Use this to your advantage. Live in the moment, not in the future. Also.. you know that bad habit you have of thinking something will go wrong before it happens? Yeah, well stop that. You have a year. By then you better not do that anymore. Be more flexible and learn to say ‘what ever will be will be’.

Surround yourself with positive loving people that makes you laugh. Friends and family are the best. Memories with them are the things that matters in life. So get less annoyed and laugh a little more. Why so serious? Life is only one and you’ll never make it out alive. Let life inspire you.

Lastly, 2017 is all about love. Love for yourself and for what’s around you. Turn that negative voice into something positive. Starting from now, you have no excuses. Just opportunities.

With love,

21 years old you.

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