My Iced Coffee Recipe!

When I tell people I like my coffee cold in the mornings, I am sure to get funny looks. I have never been much of a warm drinker mainly because my tongue would easily get burned. So I started drinking ice-coffee even in the wintertime and this is how I make it:

Make some strong black coffee or use an espresso shot (or two)

If you have a fancy coffee maskin use it. Depending on your taste in coffee, I would recommend two espresso shots and one cup of ice-cold water.
I only have this regular OBH coffee maker. It is nothing grand, but definitely the love of my life, and the driving force behind my studies. The coffee I make is this one by Ali.

Pro tip: make your coffee the night before, and have in the refrigerator to speed up the process. 

Add ice cubes to the mix

Prepare your glass by adding some ice cubes. This is a must if you are making the iced coffee from boiling hot coffee or from espresso shots.

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Take a cup of the hot coffee, and mix it with equal parts of ice-cold water

I like using this cup to measure my coffee:

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Personally, I like adding equal parts coffee and water. Not gonna lie, on long days, I would add a little more coffee than water. The more water you add, the less stronger the coffee taste. I like my coffee strong and dark for the most part.

and voila! A perfectly cold coffee for you to enjoy in the morning.

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If you try the recipe, let me know. I am curious to know if others like this kind of coffee. I am a terrible cook, but this is the year for me to try and learn different recipes and I am taking you guys along the way. Be on the lookout for more recipes to come!

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Ps: this is a great recipe to bring along with you to work or school. I like using this thermos to keep my drink hot or cold during the day. I bring around with me the large thermos. I believe it is able to carry 1.5L which is the perfect about to sip on for a day of heavy classes.

Until next time,
Take care ✨
With love, Tia.

New Challenge: 5AM Morning Routine

I can’t believe it has already been four days of this decade, and I have a lot of school work to get through. For this semester, let’s do things differently. This semester, let’s get a headstart on our day and see what we find in the early hours of the day.

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I have always loved this time of the day. They say only the lonely or the brokenhearted are up at 5AM.  I want to reclaim this hour of the day. Let’s do this together!

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Whether you have to work, study or simply get ready for the day ahead, set your alarm to 5am and be out of bed by 5:15. Hitting the snooze button is a bad habit I sadly enjoy a little too much in the morning. In order to make sure I wake up I plan my lazy morning correctly.

For starters, I plan to snooze for 15 minutes mindlessly in bed. I call this my gratitude time. We tend to focus a lot on what we don’t have.  I recommend having some time to reflect on what we do have.

To me, the first 15 minutes of my day are dedicated to this.
I am a religious person.  At this time I feel the most vulnerable, so this is when I like to give my thanks to God for all he has done for me.

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I like to have a dramatic alarm. This makes sure that I wake up, but when I do, I like reading encouraging messages from my phone. Be soft to yourself. How you speak to yourself is the foundation for how you will see yourself. So be kind.

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After my second alarm rings, typically at 5:15, I get up and make my way to the kitchen where depending on the day I either have cold-brewed or will make a hot pot of coffee.

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I have come to love cold drinks in the morning, I find it more refreshing upon waking up.

Even though the reason I wake up this early is to get some studying done, I like to use the next 45 minutes for my self. While sipping my first cup of coffee I like to read a book. Sometimes I read the bible or sometimes I’d read a book for fun. Currently, I am reading Moon Sisters by Lucinda Riley, but not this morning, this morning I am gathering my thoughts in this post.

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Typically I would have some me time until 6AM.
This is the time where I would stop whatever I’ve felt like doing this morning and get into the shower. I shower with cold water in the mornings. Nothing like a cold shower to wake up the body and soul from a good night sleep.

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After my cold shower, I’d get dressed, put on makeup and start a mini-study session before leaving for class at 8am.

I challenge you to get a headstart this way.
Maybe you will discover parts of yourself you didn’t know, in the quiet of the morning?
If you do, I would love to hear all about it!

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Send me a message on any of my social media about how the journey is going.
I’d love to be a part of this with you.

Until next time!
Good luck ✨
With love, Tia.

Goodbye 2019

I can hardly believe my last post was in October. Hey fam, I’m still alive!

This year has passed so fast, I can hardly believe it is already over. 2019 has been challenging in so many ways. Both mentally and physically, but for the first time since I can remember, I am quite content with this ending.

I’ve got about two hours to make this my last post of 2019, for any grammar errors I am deeply sorry.

Let’s start!
I would call 2019 as the year that taught me the beauty of challenges. Before I used to think “why me” but now, I have realised that a better approach to life is “let’s do this”.

This year, I have learned to travel. I have travelled to several cities in Europe. Both alone and in the company of friends. I learned to fend for my self and finally to accept difficult truth about my past. It’s funny how once you stop running away and decide to face challenges, they don’t seem that hard anymore.

This year I have learned to see challenges as an opportunity to grow. Mentally and physically. I made this blog and somewhat stuck to it. I poured my soul out into my poetry, something I found quite helpful in dealing with past traumas.
I laid my wounds bare for the whole world to see, and some saw. They saw my pain. Some understood and some… well I like to believe they’ve tried.

2019 taught me that I am no ordinary girl. I am also nothing special. I simply am different. It is okay for me to not follow the path everyone else is on.

Taking care of your physical appearance is not tied to a certain weight, or hair length or eye colour. Did you know? Anyone can benefit from “dolling up” from time to time. Whatever that means to you.
To me, this meant having beautifully manicured nails all year long, and recently, beautifully extended eyelash extensions too. A ritual of self-love. When life got a little too hard, or a little too much, I’d go to a beauty salon and get a fresh new pair of hands to deal with the issue ahead. A journey I promise to write about next.

This year I have learned that self-love is whatever you need it to be. For me, it started with getting lost in a foreign country all by my self.

Sadly, there where many lose too in 2019. I have lost a friend I thought was dear to my heart. The thing about self-love is that once you start to value yourself you start noticing people who don’t. Distancing yourself from such people is okay sometimes. As long as you do it calmly and with respect.

The way a person treats you is a reflection of an internal battle they have with themselves. Learn to analyse whether someone’s energy is matching yours at that time.

So what do I hope to find in 2020?

I hope to continue this emotional healing path I have embarked on. I hope to have more moments of laugh with strangers in strange places on this earth. I hope to finish my second year of pharmacy school passing all the challenges it has offers. I hope to learn how to take more care of my body physically and keep using my poetry as an outlet for my misunderstood emotions.

What kind of posts do I hope to make in 2020?

I promise those travel posts are finally coming your way. I am dying to show you all the pretty cities I have seen, and considering how I am not going to travel much before summer, this is a good time to dig them up. Also, a lot more pharma-school related though I think my Instagram will be more in charge of those, we will see. There are going to be a couple of posts about food, nutrition and simple dishes anyone can make. As well as my workout of the month. I think taking care of your body is important. Also, there will be lots more poetry coming your way, perhaps I dare to share more of my past with you guys.

In any case, I want to thank those of you who embarked on my first year as a blogger. Hopefully, you stick around for season two.

I wish you a happy new year’s fam



To me, skincare is all about self-love. The more love and care you give your body, the happier and loved you will feel. Remember, you only accept the love you think you deserve; oftentimes, how much love we think we deserve is reflected on how much care we are willing to put on our selves. 

As a pharma-student, it’s hard to find the time to take care of your body and health. but think of self-care as a full-time job. A full-time satisfying job. I love taking care of my skin. As soon as I get home – off the makeup goes, and these are the products I live by:

I use this gentle coconut cleansing water first. It is really gentle to the skin, but I find it alone doesn’t remove all the makeup. Or maybe it does, and I am just too lazy to use it properly. All I do it wet a cotton pad and trace my skin softly with the water.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.46

Once the skin is somewhat makeup-free, I do one of two things: either I just wash it with this cleansing balm and call it a day

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.30

or I would use this coconut facescrub and call it a day

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.24.35

or I would use my Clarisonic with a facewash and deep clean with that

FORM0003F_1   Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.30.55

Regardless of the way, I make sure to follow that cleansing ritual with a facemask. Lately due to my overdose of makeup and heavier foundation routine (which is totally unnecessary btw) I find myself reaching for my charcoal purifying mask to deep clean my pores and prevent acne – to which is a successful battle if I manage to religiously follow my skincare routine – a true pharma-student knows how hard that is.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.24.24

Once clean, I tone my face. A quick tip, if before toning you feel your faces super dry and stiff the products you are using on your face are too harsh for you. You should change into softer products.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.53

I have yet to find my perfect night-time face cream. Currently, I am trying out this avocado cream from Antipodes. I don’t have any complaints yet, but it’s not like I love it either.. it’s just… there.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.23

For the really terrible days. The days where I am super tired and literally couldn’t be bothered… I make sure to keep an “I.C.E ONLY” makeup wipes by my bed so that I can always reach my side and literally have no excuse to sleep with makeup. Especially lately, since I have gotten into the habit of wearing heavier makeup than usual.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.39

And there you go! Skincare products I can’t live without. I feel like lately coconut has become my signature scent, and I could not be any more obsessed!

Ps: Click on the image for a direct link to the products. You’re welcome babe 😉
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨